The Wag returns to Stone Pony (after Ben Folds & Violent Femmes on Summer Stage)

On Friday, Aug 2, The Wag (with Joshua Van Ness on drums) will return to the Stone Pony! This is a special late show (9:45 ) inside, after the Ben Folds & Violent Femmes show on The Summer Stage. You can buy special priced tickets, good for the entire show at <a href=" "></a>

Joshua Van Ness partners with 7Drums Custom Drums

Press Release from 7Drums Custom Drums:

“Please join us in welcoming Joshua Van Ness to the #7drums #FAMI7Y !

We are excited to have his versatility and experience and look forward to this partnership!

Here's a little more about Joshua!

Drummer, guitarist, vocalist, composer and actor, Joshua Van Ness, was born into a musical family. At the age of 12, he was gifted his first drum kit, and his love affair with music began! Joshua took some drum lessons along the way, but learned most by listening to tape cassettes of Prince, The Black Crowes & Aerosmith, often singing and playing drums at the same time. In his late teens, Joshua started playing guitar and writing songs. Perhaps because Joshua is a singer/songwriter, his playing always embodies a “song first” mentality, and often has a soulful lean.

Van Ness has toured the US and performed internationally as a drummer and guitarist. In 2016, Joshua joined pop/rock band, The Wag. In 2018, The Wag, celebrated their 20yr anniversary with a tour and by releasing a full length album, “We Carry On”, featuring 2 songs written by Van Ness (including the title track).

In 2019 Joshua signed on as the musical director of the “How it Ends” podcast, composing the show’s theme song and scoring it’s sound track. Joshua also plays the character Nolan Jones.

Currently, Joshua Van Ness is prepping for the release of his 6th solo album, “SoulRock” and will tour regionally in support of the new record. You will also find Joshua on the road with The Wag, performing solo shows, subbing on drums for bands like Lost Romance and The Strazzacasters, or playing drums with his tribute band Power of 3, which celebrates the music of classic power trios from Rush to RUN DMC.

“Every day, I fall deeper in love with music. I simply try to put every ounce of myself into everything I do”-Joshua Van Ness. -

David Avila

Joshua Van Ness Launches pre-sale for new solo album, "soulrock"

Joshua is releasing album of new songs entitled “Soulrock,” later this year, and is inviting you to be a part of the journey via a Pre-Sale! All pledge amounts of $10 or more will receive a signed CD copy of the new album and a digital download card! There are special rewards, everything from taco dinners to house concerts, for different contribution amounts. Click here for a special video message from Joshua and to to pre-order your copy of “Soulrock”!

“This is an album that I’ve been wanting to make for a while”, explains Joshua Van Ness.” I really made it a point to explore my soulful influences, yet still keep the rock intensity that I love so much”

There will be more info about “SoulRock” in the coming weeks. Check back soon!

The Wag "We Carry On"

What is the mark of a true band?  I mean, what makes people say, “now, THAT’S a BAND” versus someone saying, “they are a band?”  Is it their connections?  The scope of their roster?  Their tour schedules?  The size of their fanbase?  Their image? 

Shoreworld: The Wag— ‘We Carry On’

Got songs? Got harmonies? Got fun and unbridled enthusiasm? Then you’ve got The Wag! Hailing from the Bayshore area of New Jersey, this four-piece unit has been entertaining and moving audiences for over 20 years but still sounds as fresh as it did on day one! With four alternating lead vocalists, catchy melodies, and sophisticated harmonies, they will take you on a journey of pop-rock delight!