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Singer/Song writer, guitarist, drummer, Joshua Van Ness, is both the working man's musician available for nearly all types of events & recording sessions and a true indie spirit, constantly pushing for the next creative level. His voice has a soulful, raspy quality. Behind the drums, Joshua’s feel echoes of the classics from decades ago, yet is driven by a desire to stay ahead of the trends. When on guitar, Van Ness employs a song first mentality, fortified by a strong sense of rhythm.

Versatility has been the key to Joshua’s success. “A combination of touring, recording sessions (Top class studios and garages) and even gigging in the local scene has taught me how to play for the song as well as how to read an audience,”explains Joshua. I feel very comfortable in almost any situation”.



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Joshua Van Ness tracks

Joshua has been on many recordings as a drummer, vocalist and /or guitarist. Here are a few tracks from various bands and projects.

  • 3:40
    written by and drums, rhythm guitar and vocals performed by Joshua Van Ness
  • 4:19
    Recorded by The Wag. Written by & Drums Performed By Joshua Van Ness
  • 3:48
    Recorded by The Wag, written by, drums and vocals performed by Joshua Van Ness
  • 3:10
    recorded by the Wag, Joshua Van Ness on drums and backing vocals
  • 4:15
    John Van Ness Ft. Tauree (drums performed by Joshua Van Ness)
  • 2:19
    Written and recorded by Jonathan Andrew (Joshua Van Ness on drums)
  • 3:01
    Written by and drums, rhythm & lead guitar, and vocals performed by Joshua Van Ness